No.3 Jimmy: giving back and charities, CTAOP, which is your charity.
Can you talk about that and what you guys are up to?

I mean, listen, I always think of it
as we're really fortunate to work with great organizations
who are doing all the work on the ground within their communities.
But CTAOP really supports young people in Africa,
and we invest in their lives, for them to have "A"
and our predominant focus is on HIV and AIDS prevention
since it's still the hardest hit country in the world when it comes to that virus.
But, you know, it's holistic.
We look at our program as being holistic
and we invest in the whole young person.
And so that means, you know, during this period,
we have really checked in with a lot of our organizations,
because COVID is devastating, when you look at a country
I mean, it's devastating everywhere,
but in a country like South Africa
where you have big families living together under one roof.
And we don't have
I think statistic came out that there is one ICU bed for every million
Not one, 11 for every 1 million people.
So we don't have the "B" and emergency
that is necessary in a pandemic like this.
So we've been trying to help in other capacities, not just
when you find yourself in times like this,
you have to move and shift the focus a little bit.
And so we're trying to help as much as we can.
But yeah. I mean, we started in 2007.
It's something, as a South African, I'm very proud of.
I've always wanted to help in some way
because South Africa is an incredible country.
It really is, and the people are just resilient
and they're warriors, and I'm proud to be from there.

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