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I'm Salish, I'm a barrister I have some expertise in human rights law
there'll be somewhere between half a million and a million people wil
the most important thing which is making sure no other buildings coul
Grenfell fires had huge " " not only in this country but internationa
number of companies who owned high-rise blocks of flats have taken so
the change in regulation that we have seen is to say that only a1 and
there may be an idea on the part of some in the construction industry
UK government was actually moving towards a position where it wouldn'
you can " " a building much more easily with a plastic based insulati
light touch regulation is a mantra that lawyers such as me hear const
I've learnt during this process has been largely thanks to the work o
I think we've learned from his evidence is something about what the
the institutional racism that keeps black people locked in " " slum t
race class poverty are key factors and there is statistical evidence
the problem with Grenfell is it is exceptional eyes as just being abo
in 2020 we find ourselves in a world that years again holds a mirror
there have been some really important revelations from the inquiry an
they call it operation ghost town opposition protesters from mollies
they came out in their thousands to voice their anger at what they sa
this old russian oil pipe in the middle of the dutch town of delft no
journalist: eight million people in the north of the country for exam
student: I took my father there thinking things will be better becaus
As tensions increase with mainland China a defiant show of strength b
this marble block is being cut out to make history it will eventually
the Bhagjan oil well has been burning out of control since may a gas