No.25 this marble block is being cut out to
make history
it will eventually form part of the
parthenon where new marble is being
precisely chiseled to be married to
surviving fragments
the reconstructed blocks will be 'A'
back into the structure
much of the damage to this 2500 year old
temple was caused relatively recently
just over 200 years ago the seventh earl
of elgin removed
dozens of sculpted panels to get to them
he 'A' masonry
off the roof and dashed it to the ground

to remove something you have to
dismantle whatever's on top of it
it's not like pulling a book off a shelf
temple construction was like lego
they were built from the bottom up this
is why they've lasted
each piece is fitted exactly to the
pieces around it
and that makes them 'B' resistant
the sculptures
formed part of this structure

what those 'A','B' would be
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