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"-We're in the studio. And I appreciate you coming on, because I know you're in quarantine in L.A., and it's a very scary time with everything going o

"We got the Plexiglas in the middle. Kenny -- You know, Kenny says he doesn't really like the desk, but he loves the Plexiglas because now he doesn't

"-And season two premieres on Friday. The second half is going to come out once it's safe. -Yeah. Probably not for a year or so, yeah. -It's wild to k

"-How do you like electric versus gas powered? -I love it. I love -- I love riding them. They're really fast. I mean, they're -- Away from the lights,

"-What kind of things you been doing while you've been home? -Well, you know, I've just been keeping busy, dude. I did a whole bunch of stuff that I'v

"Congrats on ""PEN15."" -Thank you. -Thank you. -It was a huge hit, season one. So, obviously, season two is coming right now. It's on everyone's what

"You know, I was thinking about you because everyone started renting and buying the movie ""Contagion."" It was a movie about a global pandemic. -Yeah

"So he came to me -- he had this idea that he wanted to do, like, a film story, whether it was on TV or film, and then a live event that was somehow l

"-The beard is for -- Are you filming ""Fantastic Beasts"" now? -I just started. We were meant to start -- I was meant to start on the day I believe L

"about the idea of, you know, me hosting, you know, a primetime news show. As you know, late night is very similar, in terms of the 'A' of the people

"Congrats on ""The ReidOut,"" by the way. It launched in July and it's doing fantastic, crushing in the ratings. I was looking at some information abo

"Is it true that your dream was to be a backup singer? -Yes, and that died. Yeah, that -- Yeah. [ Both laugh ] -That was my dream. 'Cause I thought it

"You're back in the studio, right? -Yes. -Which is -- How's it like for you? I know it's -- You're coming back September 21st. Does it feel odd to you

"And there's a little sample in there of ""Edge of 17"" by Stevie Nicks. -Yes. -Did you ask Stevie for permission to use the song? -I have the coolest

"We made a bet that you lost and then you put the Ed Reed bobblehead on your desk for a show. And you honored it, and I really appreciated that. You a

"How is the family, by the way? What a cute family. Oh, my gosh. I saw a picture on Instagram. I don't know if it's a public one or a private one, but

" Of course you always go above and beyond. What is this setup? Is this -- Are you in your house? -This is my throne, so this is a Peter Shire chair.

"was it ""Hannah Montana"" where you just go like -- I mean, there was no other kid your age doing what you were doing, I mean, starring in a TV show

"When I went to the camp with Kobe Bryant, I have never seen -- -Wait. Were you really that good? -No, no, no. This was when I realized that my talent

"I'm telling you this record has everybody. What was Stevie -- -Yes, man. -What did that -- what did that mean to you? -I mean, I grew up in a househo

"I usually know how to deal with, you know, the emotions of life. But I just -- it was something that happened to me, and I just couldn't figure it ou

"There's about to be a new addition to the family of baby girls. -Another baby. Yes, man. Baby number four. [Flatly] Oh, I'm having another baby girl.

"the people to talk about Detroit, they were just more than excited and happy to talk about it, you know. And when I reached out to people like David

"-The ""Community"" cast had a virtual reunion. -Yes. -How did it go? Was it fun? Did you enjoy doing that? -Oh, it was -- I can't -- I mean, now I'm

"You're hosting the second season of ""Card Sharks."" You were here for the first season, and it went on to be the biggest summer show of ABC in like

"-Welcome to my -- Yeah, you like how I chose an abandoned office for the interview? -I like that you dressed up. You look sharp. You look great as al

"I got to say I've been listening to the podcast that you've done with your pal Ken Jeong, who we do love. That was cool, but I didn't even know -- I

-So we are in your office right now? -Yeah. -Can we see -- -This is my office, and there's some stuff I saved from "SNL." One is... It's the last cue

I have so many questions. And thank you again for doing our show. -Of course. -We never got to talk since the protests. Black Lives Matter has been ha

You had the biggest interview, I think, in the history of MSNBC? I may be wrong. Let me know. But, I mean, in interviewing -- Donald Trump's niece, wh

-Rachel. Oh, I'm so -- -Hi, Jimmy! -First of all, before we even get into this, I want to thank you for coming on. But, also, thank you for -- for jus

Three years ago, and we have had -- I found out today this is our fifth release date that we've ever had. And this is the first time we've ever got th

Dude, honestly. I have to stop there. I could never top that. That's the best acting I've ever done in my life. We work well together. But you -- you

You have a 3-year-old of your own. A little boy, right? Jurnee: I do -- Hunter. Jimmy: Hunter. Is he going to get involved in the business? Jurnee

-Do you like having your own house? How is it all going? -Love having my own house. Lili: Yeah, I mean, this is my first place really to myself. I ha

You got some news recently that you're going to receive the Governors Award at this year's Emmys ceremony. What does that mean to you? -Wouldn't you k

let's talk about "Bad Education." You play a school superintendent. This is a true story. Hugh: It's a true story. It happened about 2003 or '04. It

How is the quarantine? Did you create, like, a bubble of just everyone in your world? Or just you? Tyler: Yeah, I've got 377 people in quarantine, s

now you're leaving soon because you're going to start filming "Riverdale" again. Lili Yeah, we're about to go back in a couple of days to start -- We

when I walked into that room, I was pretty sure that I wasn't playing the role. It was like a -- It was a 'A' audition, because Dougray Scott had the

Last time, we talked about "The Music Man," and since then, obviously, Broadway closed. "Music Man" postponed till spring, but it's still happening, r

you've got one of my favorite people a part of your crew. Jimmy: I was just going to ask this, 'cause I know this is our first time meeting, but you'

Oh, come on, you look great! Thank you so much for coming on the show. Tiffany: What -- I love the hair, or the non-hair. What -- -The non-hair. It's

-And do the parents 'A' the kids? Seth: -Oh, man, my parents were here for the weekend, and I'm realizing grandparents are just a terrible influence

-Orlando. It is great to see you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. -Thank you for having me. It's always a pleasure to see you, Jimmy. Thes

I love -- this is your second location. I love that the set now of your -- Where is this set? Seth: We're in our -- my in-laws' house. These are my w

My first guest is the host of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," which airs weeknights at 12:35 A.M. right here on NBC. Do I need to say that time? Becaus

I have to talk about "Mapleworth Murders." It's on Quibi. Because I want everyone to check this out. You released three episodes on Monday. And it is

Do you remember the first bit that you ever did in your life? Paula: Yes, one of the first bits I ever did was in front of 'A'. I had a beagle puppy,

You can only bring one album to a deserted island and have to listen to it on loop for the rest of your life. What are you picking? Joseph: -I mean,