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Oh, my God! What just happened? Jimmy:Is it an earthquake? I don't kn
Jimmy: giving back and charities, CTAOP, which is your charity. Can y
Jimmy: I want to talk about your movie "The Old Guard" on Netflix ri
Do you get the clay You buy the clay, or Yes. Clay was not conside
Jimmy: Why do you think the virus is going up in some states and goin
Jimmy: Also, you're getting a lot of praise in that you're the first
Colin: And then I thought the other thing I might need if things go r
Jimmy: Have you ever done comedy with no audience? Colin: I've done
Colin: I'm so mortified by it and I kind of I kind of put it in the
Jimmy: Yeah. I know, yeah. -Look now. -Look at you now. With everythi
Jimmy: All those years as police chief, is there something that you'r
Jimmy: Is there something you wish you did a better job of? Demings:
Jimmy: I saw you in a thing called "Star Force." Let me see if I get
Jimmy: Can we talk about "The Sandman"? James: Yes, please. Jimmy:
Jimmy: I go, "It's just a celebrity autobiographical memoir, and I ca
Jimmy: Going through this writing process, did it get emotional? Did
Jimmy: How is everything, by the way, with the quarantine? Are you ok
Jimmy: How'd you come up with the cover, by the way? Jim: Oh, the co
Jimmy: You So you emailed a stranger to your wedding? Jim: Yes. And
Jimmy: Well, you're making people laugh, which is why you're on our s
Jimmy: I remember Probably you don't remember, but I hung out with y
Jimmy: "Intelligence" superfunny show. Already got picked up for Sea
Jimmy: Do you want to set up who you play on the show? David: Sure.
Jimmy: how you and Dave met. Do you mind talking about it? Alison:
Alison: 'cause we both got to leave the restaurant, like, head out to
Jimmy: Did I read somewhere that you enjoy going to weddings? Andy:
Jimmy: Hey, you know what some superfan of yours pointed out to us an
Jimmy: Gosh! How do you just make eggs look so delicious, too? Gosh.
Jimmy: Oh, Are you are you doing the whole all the movies and the s
Jimmy: Do you remember your first concert as a kid? Cameron: Yes, I
Last time, we talked about "The Music Man," and since then, obviously
Jimmy: And they are an amazing live band. I mean, they are incredible
Jimmy: We have to talk. Avaline it's here. It's here, it's finally h
Keisha: I am personally being sued by the governor, but ironically, j
Jimmy: I wanted to talk, if you could, say a few words about Congress
Jimmy: Do you get along? Will: "Hey! Who's this little guy?" Um, yea
Jimmy: What's the podcast with Sean Hayes and Jason Bateman? How'd th
Michaela: I've been dancing in the park, yes. Yeah. Basically I was r
I was impressed the way you talk about and address these issues, but
I'm embarked on a real charitable event, and oh, man, we're gonna hel
"Iron Mike" did that come from Cus D'Amato? Where'd you get the nick
I can't believe you that did this thing on Shark Week. Mike: Hey, li
Jimmy: I want to get into all these things because I want to get int
Jimmy: Did you end up getting hurt at all doing these things? Adam:
Jimmy: I follow you on the socials and stuff, and I saw that you were
I heard that you might be buying a house. Michael: I am! I'm finally
You're also known for activism as well, which I really love about you
I know your fatherinlaw came down with COVID. I'm so sorry to hear ab
How have you been spending the time in quarantine? IceT: Um... It wa
IceT: The situation, you know. I mean, if people have followed me, my
I was in a gym once, and it reminds me 'cause I'm wearing these. 'Cau
Jack: Well, the Arsenal team definitely did not know who I am. I arri
I read somewhere that you're into "Below Deck." Is that true? Seth:
Your family is Your mom and dad are both from Nigeria? Yeah, yeah,
I want to talk about "The Old Guard" on Netflix. Big hit. Congrats on
I know you got to see Questlove quickly over at Dave Chappelle's at h
I think, man, Jimmy, it's like You know, leadership is very importan
so my dad, he come to town, and he took me to a record store that we
Jimmy: What did you think first when you heard about the bubble? Mat
I saw that the players get to choose different words or phrases on th
You did something that I've dreamt of doing my whole life, except you
I love that people are doing this now. This is the one thing I think
NBA is back, uh, but it's not really, but it is. Where were you and h
"The Pursuit of Healthiness." All 10 episodes are out today on Audibl
I set certain things aside for myself, though. You know what I'm sayi
Oh, man. First of all God bless. R.I.P., Ko. Rest in power, Kobe, man
everyone I've interviewed I've asked what shows you're watching in qu
You're quarantining with your wife, and you have 4yearold twin sons n
You have original music on your show from Edie Brickell. Yes. Do you
I saw that cover and I go, "That's iconic." I think it's brilliant. I
Approaches to life, decision making paradigms. Compasses that help us
I know you're safe, thank God. Have you had time to relax or what are
This sound is different than the last album that you came out with. -
I heard that you got COVID, and I was so concerned, but I'm happy to
There's a popular "Breaking Bad" theory I just wanted your take. A lo
His new movie, "The One and Only Ivan" is on Disney+ next weekend. I'
Would you guys do bits together at parties and stuff like that when y
-Orlando. It is great to see you. Thank you so much for coming on the
you do a lot of work with UNICEF. -Yeah. What's your connection with
I wanted to mention quickly "The Outpost." -Yeah. -You've got some gr
Yeah, I mean, I don't even know if you read reviews or care about rev
Congrats, your first Emmy nom. Come on, how does it feel? How'd you f
You know, it's interesting. We were doing research, and I saw that "L
I haven't seen you in a while on the show because you took a break fr
You can only bring one album to a deserted island and have to listen
Do you remember the first bit that you ever did in your life? Paula:
I have to talk about "Mapleworth Murders." It's on Quibi. Because I w
My first guest is the host of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," which ai
I love -- this is your second location. I love that the set now of yo
-And do the parents 'A' the kids? Seth: -Oh, man, my parents were he
Oh, come on, you look great! Thank you so much for coming on the show
you've got one of my favorite people a part of your crew. Jimmy: I w
You have a 3-year-old of your own. A little boy, right? Jurnee: I d
when I walked into that room, I was pretty sure that I wasn't playing
let's talk about "Bad Education." You play a school superintendent.
-Do you like having your own house? How is it all going? -Love having
now you're leaving soon because you're going to start filming "Riverd
How is the quarantine? Did you create, like, a bubble of just everyo