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portland police have been pretty tight-lipped about what actually happened on saturday night the victim's been described as a supporter of patriot pra

Q is millions of people taking stuff and fact checking it and for a long time you know we would just believe whatever the the media handed us okay thi

Q really focuses on sedition focus on 'A' focuses on the child sex trafficking these are big issues reporter: and how is trump related to that? Q su

what they're doing now to the kids is horrific who's they okay uh the people that are 'A' the kids and doing human trafficking and 'B' people reporte

why are people showing up to protests with guns i mean guns might not might not be that unusual at say like a second 'A' rally in the south you'd exp

I see a big truck especially with the flag on it i immediately think that they're out to get me there were 600 vehicles who knows how many were rollin

Lamb's banking on gen z's rediscovery of the gospel by turning his tick-tock game into a 'A' job he sold over 20 thousand dollars in christian themed

so i grew up going to church but like most people i was i was very nominal like it was i attend church on sundays but jesus was never real to me i def

masterworks says it's the first company to allow investors to buy shares of masterpieces it's like a co-op but for something you'd get yelled at for t

art it can be a chance to see the world from a new perspective a raw emotional encounter a chance to say my kid could make that but for many people ar

are there groups in kenya who are actively working to keep women in the dark about this stuff Susan: I think so i've seen it i was just sitting here

this mother of three who were calling mary to protect her identity terminated in early pregnancy using these plants a month ago because in kenya she c

the science on this subject is limited joanna harper a long time competitive runner is one of the few researchers who has dedicated her career to stud

she says allowing trans women to play takes away opportunities from cis women Barbara: because these biological boys and men have started on the male

barbershops have been serving folks of all races for a little while now and we're talking centuries but there's a little something that makes a black

in your mind how do you think we got to the point where we are now CEO: we are one of many waste companies here our pace structure is very similar to

why aren't you both working right now Michael: because what we're trying to do is get uh 15 an hour the proper PPE has it paid in better working cond

question we get asked from people it's like well what happens if carlos doesn't pay up what happens to my money or what happens if john doesn't you kn

so we're seeing positive outcomes all these type of local lending circles that drive our local economies and and without them we don't i just don't kn

often they say i've got a community around me i've got social support i'm letting them down if i don't make my weekly or monthly contribution there's

the government has taken some control measures by catching vampire bats and applying anti-rabial paste on them that spreads through the colony offerin

here's a vampire bat having dinner as it turns out feral hog is their 'A' meal they land on the back of these wild pigs and using their teeth which ju

this is what president Alexander Lukashenko's fifth re-election looks like thousands of people 'A' onto the streets after official exit polls declared

she's been having a rough time with with the move you think resident: yeah i think she's like overwhelmed and you know stressed out she's like a baby

how much discretion do you have in an eviction case when it comes to to time you know that you give these folks Justice of the peace: none the law i

someone's just like how can we be helpful we were like put up signs and they just made that reporter: but they're not 'A' with your organization the

you got to be out this house by wednesday and i was wondering uh if you get some time you'll be able to help us move some stuff this weekend or like w

in mid-july a twitter thread from a florida nurse went viral her tweets included photos and texts from anonymous nurses exposing the abhorrent conditi

do you think that americans kids in america the hundred million americans who use tick tock should be using it right now man: I don't think they sho

a 20-person group with 800 000 followers and millions of likes he's making a name for himself and was even 'A' by one president trump reporter: descr

are you worried about being branded as an 'A' Mike: I've already been branded and 'A' so i'm not sure there's much more to worry about currently re

I see that we might need to have a militia just 'A' our rights if we have to hopefully it never comes to that reporter: you guys are like in tactical

we don't have adequate affordable housing in the city and county of LA and so as we're trying our best to not only bring people into interim spaces li

grade yourself assess yourself how well have you done Heidi: I'd give us an a i know that there's still people who are outdoors who are 'A' there are

after hurricane maria hit puerto rico more than 1.1 million people filed for fema recovery grants but around 60 percent of them were denied the main r

In china citizens can own a home but not the spot it's built on because all land is owned by the state In north korea the state owns not only the lan

so when Georgia power was coming around these parts 'A' people to buy their properties was just around the time kayson got his diagnosis and could you

so I'm wondering is that something that the people who build the plant should have thought of even at the time yeah 'A' in 1982 it was a conscious de

she claims she works hard for it Savantha: for me I have done about the nose job reporter: oh really i love the result just a nose job or did you

and the mafiosos who you'd think would be out joyriding in their flashy cars are actually spending their time on computers making facebook groups to o

i got a lot of these um i'm happy she's finally angry enough to go with me though Music] the fact that they pushed this laughter really pissed me of

police have arrested nearly a hundred demonstrators and served many of them with a citation that bans traveled to Jerusalem for up to 10 days Israel

Sylvia Garcia was one of the lawmakers in that hearing she also represents the guyan family's district do you think it is a 'A' of sexual harassment

how was the last year been for you survivor: I didn't get 'A' i guess because of my activities and my friends my family and i'm just coping with it y

you can't really care about 'A' or those in the community when you are a member of a party which has been accused of corruption and abusing human righ

switching sides to the ruling party comes with many 'A' in cambodia savantha runs her own university and 10 businesses and she's had face time with th

one of thousands of Kenyans who collaborated with the British known as home guards they turned mao mao supporters over to the British to be tortured a

doing this new routine it's like this new dance for the family you get home very first thing you do is you take off all your scrubs and you know you w

there needs to be set up a commission of inquiry i in my view this is not something that can be left to the british government alone because even the

I mean what there's some torso but this one was taken down straight away this was really fast what's fast a day ? oh a couple of hours i think i'm a