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at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 2:00, one of reporter said 'it is not "?" that in Belarus p
at around 3:00, what convoys official said reporter
at around 8:00 what is Nikolai Khalsezin's job ?
at around 11:00, why Nadiya Savchenko is arrested?
at around 12:00, Egor said, many channels are financed by what?
at around 14:00, what is the day called?
at around 0:30, if term limit's going to be reset, Putin can run unti
at around 2:00, that woman said which amendment is most important ?
at around 3:00, why victory parade was postponed ?
at around 0:30, What Boris Johnson is trying to do
at around 1:00, what Brazilian president ignore?
president of Kosovo was indicted. what is the reason?
US kill Qassem Soleimani. what is the reason to claim for?
Former French Prime Minister found guilty of what?
a lot of people believe differently about Google but the core belief
Boogaloo movement already had all of the hallmarks of a classic extre
Lebanon's economy has been in freefall for the past ten months so wh
agencies and community groups have stepped in with food and cash supp
Layleen Polanco the transgender woman who died on Rikers Island back
helping others other lay means from a VP has been setting up meetings
when it comes to fentanyl making most kinds of fentanyl was perfectly
stay-at-home orders around the world made people reckon with just ho
podcast dedicated to productivity and most podcast apps let you play
everyone who does it and announces it on social media both before and
after the 2008 global financial crisis productivity in the u.s. skyro
I want to make sure that the smart nation is done in the right way on
I feel that if they really were committed to this choice of holding t
Burkina Faso was until recently a " " country biases al-qaeda and oth
during this pandemic a lot of people are sold on top of their social
A: there are so many like gender queer kids out there at the moment
anti Rohingya sentiment here's ramped up since COVID 19 was reported
Malaysia a Muslim majority country opened its borders accepting more
Mohamed Hussein is avoided arrest so far you and paper were giving hi
a lot of people and I'll find she was misinformed if you talk about C
Michael Pack you might know him from his 90s pbs hits Hollywood versu
purge continued last week when it was reported that Pack will "A" the
I've been a midwife for 22 years and been going to births for 26 year
midwives have really a proven track record of providing excellent car
reporter: Is it possible for a police officer a typical police office
reporter: Is it possible that what you'll "A" here is that there just
reporter: Is this defunding the police is that what that means? comm
reporter: you've been working on this for a long time and now it's co
reporter: have you seen "A" in charges? protester: yes we've had mix
reporter: what is section 230? attorney: so section 230 is the part
reporter: Are there things that Facebook YouTube Twitter could do rig
Jared: Hubstaff hopes that's essentially a time tracking app the key
reporter: whether you like it or not do you think that work from home
reporter: Do you think that it is responsible to have this convention
assistant professor: just a couple of weeks ago we saw an example of
reporter: I understand you were able to talk to a couple people who c
reporter: what led you to 'A' in the first place owner: the whole co
staff: basically i have a normal life i go home i greet my children i
woman: here is the line for the toilet you can see that they put the
reporter: Kim Haddow works with cities to resist these moves Kim: i
Sen: it was written with you know with a new president I dealing with
Matt: there are 'A' that have during this pandemic only become more '
real desert locusts prefer crops leaves fruits and even flowers and t
reporter: the heritage and the history that you are talking about som
people were doing it all the time without planning it nancy hanks lin
what made you decide that you wanted to go over to the justice center
what was that conversation like when bev reached out to you and said
every day when you leave your house in egypt you are looking at yours
that's easier to study hurricanes those are large synoptic scale feat
I mean what there's some torso but this one was taken down straight a
one of thousands of Kenyans who collaborated with the British known a
there needs to be set up a commission of inquiry i in my view this is
doing this new routine it's like this new dance for the family you ge
Sylvia Garcia was one of the lawmakers in that hearing she also repre
police have arrested nearly a hundred demonstrators and served many o
i got a lot of these um i'm happy she's finally angry enough to go wi
and the mafiosos who you'd think would be out joyriding in their flas
she claims she works hard for it Savantha: for me I have done about
switching sides to the ruling party comes with many 'A' in cambodia s
you can't really care about 'A' or those in the community when you ar
how was the last year been for you survivor: I didn't get 'A' i gues
I see that we might need to have a militia just 'A' our rights if we
are you worried about being branded as an 'A' Mike: I've already be
so I'm wondering is that something that the people who build the plan
so when Georgia power was coming around these parts 'A' people to buy
In china citizens can own a home but not the spot it's built on becau
after hurricane maria hit puerto rico more than 1.1 million people fi
grade yourself assess yourself how well have you done Heidi: I'd giv
we don't have adequate affordable housing in the city and county of L
this is what president Alexander Lukashenko's fifth re-election looks
here's a vampire bat having dinner as it turns out feral hog is their
the government has taken some control measures by catching vampire ba
a 20-person group with 800 000 followers and millions of likes he's m
do you think that americans kids in america the hundred million ameri
in mid-july a twitter thread from a florida nurse went viral her twee
you got to be out this house by wednesday and i was wondering uh if y
someone's just like how can we be helpful we were like put up signs a
how much discretion do you have in an eviction case when it comes to