No.72 she claims she works hard for it

for me I have done about the
nose job

oh really i love the result just
a nose job or did you get other things
as well oh

and oh we we line okay
yeah the the jaw yeah the jaw like you
have to change the
the angle like to become v-shaped

I've seen pictures of you though
but you always looked great yeah like

i always show people the 'A' because i
don't need to hide about what i did

yeah but she hasn't always been all
about the glamour
quite the opposite

in 2013 savantha was the face of the
opposition party's campaign against the
cambodian government
she was a regular at protests where she
spoke to the crowd
and broadcast live to the nation on
why did you get involved in politics

I joined for the
protest campaign it's for like something
for human rights
for the like people that they are have a
problem about land corruption or
something else i always share my own
idea like i'm not afraid of anything i
want to see my country
more and more and more develop yeah
because i love it and i want
my country to become great and want my
country to become more and more famous

savantha was protesting against
cambodia's prime minister hunsen
who's been labeled a fully-fledged
military dictator by human rights watch
he began his political career with pol
pots khmer rouge
and he's led cambodia for 35 years
in 2013 hunsen's party won yet another
but there were claims of electoral 'B'
for months the opposition
including savantha demonstrated
peacefully against the results

what those 'A','B' would be
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