No.71 and the mafiosos who you'd think would
be out joyriding in their flashy cars
are actually spending their time on
computers making facebook groups to
organize matches
viewers can place bets that range from
250 to 10000 euros depending on the 'A'
and size of the dog
so while hollywood may have been
exploiting the mafia for some cliche
the truth is that the mafia has its own
film factory of exploitation
and in this case the exploitation has
real impacts
trainers put dogs in isolation on strict
diets and even on drugs
before a fight they dope the pups up on
a steroid for bodybuilders
these dogs step into the ring looking
rugged they've got clipped ears and a
chopped tail
to keep fewer limbs from getting ripped
off meanwhile
the owners relaxing back at home can
watch the fights on what's pretty much a
mobster streaming service

this is all an open secret the mafia is
so well known for organizing bets on
dogfights and horse races
there's an italian word for it the zoo
the leading animal rights group made
this word up back in the prime days of
dogfighting but it's not less applicable
in their 2020 report on zoo mafia they
write that demand for the cruel sport
persists because 'B' thinks it's cool
for them it's strictly recreational and
like going to the cinema
or disco and in 2019 the same rights
group recorded a five to ten percent
rise in dogfighting complaints

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