No.70 i got a lot of these um i'm happy she's
finally angry enough to go with me

the fact that they pushed this laughter
really pissed me off
last week israeli parliament passed a
'A' measure that allows for new
meant to curb the virus to be
implemented within 24 hours
without knesset approval but critics of
this new law
think it's just a way for the government
to expand its power
they are saying that the cabinet can
push through directives um
on the entire population of israel um
and that
the knesset committees only four of them
are relevant will have 24 hours to
approve or reject it but in addition to
that and this is the part that it really
made me angry they also have the power
to decide
that the knesset committees on urgent
issues whatever they deem urgent which
they don't define
don't have to go to the committees at
all and not only that but the knesset
committees which are relevant only four
of them which exist
can only do anything about it after an
entire week this is
absolutely 'B' it is a nail in the
coffin for small businesses
it's a nail in the coffin for
independent contractors and i can't
i can't believe after everything and
even after the purchase that have
already happened that this is continuing

what those 'A','B' would be
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