No.69 police have arrested nearly a hundred
and served many of them with a citation
that bans traveled to Jerusalem
for up to 10 days

Israel has a coveted 19 response team
and it has a protocol to beat back a
second wave
but when cases were down Netanyahu
pushed out members of opposing parties
and the members who replaced them aren't
following the original plan

Ofer Shelah headed that committee before
he was 'A'

most of the Israeli public thinks that
netanyahu acts out of political
reasons and this has to do with the the
size and
and 'B' futility of this
and so on uh once this happens this is
the seat of anak
you know i'm Israeli born and raised
I've lived here for the past
60 years we've never had a situation
of such deep mistrust between the public
and the in the government netanyahu is
not seeing the pandemic as a public
health emergency he sees it as a chance
for political survival

he's a coward he's trying to lead us by
we Israelis we the world will not be led
through this crisis by cowardice what
people are seeing for the first time
in the netanyahu years is a situation
where you look at the polls most of the
the Israelis just think is handling this
very poorly
so it reflects on the whole of his
11-year term and people are saying this
is just not
a very good prime minister and this is a
prime minister that acts
because he has political situations in
mind because he has legal troubles he's
not concerned with us

what those 'A','B' would be
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