No.73 switching sides to the ruling party
comes with many 'A' in cambodia
savantha runs her own university and 10
and she's had face time with the prime

there are pictures on your instagram
of you and the prime minister

Savantha: which one oh yeah

because you look incredibly 'B'

he is very open
heart when i was in opposite party i always
like blame him a lot but he's had like his
heart still open for me

you're crying

yes i expressed my emotional
like i'm happy to meet him

that's such a big change to go from being in
and disliking him to then crying because
you're meeting him
but all those things that you were angry
about before are you not angry about
them still

i angry with him because i think that
the country like low developed
because of him everything because of him
he is respond and he try hard
to change to to make it improve

what people will say is they look at you
and they'll go you live quite a
luxurious lifestyle do you think if you
were still
supporting the opposition you'd get the
same opportunities

what those 'A','B' would be
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