No.74 you can't really care about 'A'
or those in the community
when you are a member of a party which
has been accused of corruption
and abusing human rights

in cambodia
we have the law and everything and we
have an
anti-corruption ministry and we find out
that someone
doing a corruption please brave enough
bring that case to the anti-corruption

are you happy in yourself and content in
with all your political decisions that
you've made

yeah i'm happy with um what i have done and i'm
happy that i have freedom
and i'm brave enough to do what i want
to do yeah

members of cervantes former party the
were shocked when she switched
allegiances the party was 'B' by
hunsan in 2017
three years after savantha left meet
one of its high profile members was
jailed four times and has now made his
home in the us
26 of his former colleagues are
currently in prison in cambodia
and many more live in exile

what those 'A','B' would be
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