No.75 how was the last year been for you

I didn't get 'A' i guess because
of my activities
and my friends my family
and i'm just coping with it you know

when you found out that the shooter came
here specifically to target
mexican people


what did you feel

well at that time you know we had
uh thing with a wall then i said
you know what we should build a wall
but from el paso away from
east texas he says so they won't come
over here and
and shoot us in my 'B' is that
this is our land because texas new
mexico arizona california
was mexico so we're
in our land

I imagine that when this
pandemic hit and you had to
all of a sudden be holed up at home all
the time was that was that hard for you

it's been hard because we don't see each
other like we used to
i see so much news
especially our leader and i don't like
to hear him
so sometimes i change the channels and
he's in all channels
so i started watching novelas

what those 'A','B' would be
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