No.83 we don't have adequate
affordable housing
in the city and county of LA and so as
we're trying our best to not only bring
people into interim spaces like this
we are tasked with making sure that
people have a permanent place to live

what happens when these temporary leases
on these hotels and motels 'A'

well we're worried about that i mean
right now we're month to month
so we are acting as if
tomorrow is our last day which means we
are engaging landlords now
we're looking at available spaces
because we just don't know how long
we'll have the space
if we had to close and shutter this site
in two weeks
that means that some people won't make
it into 'B'
if i know that i have a few more months
that's going to give me more time
to engage landlords and to collaborate
to ensure we do our best to secure
and make a safe space for the people
moving out of these places
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