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I'd give us an a i know that there's
still people who are outdoors who are
'A' there are definitely still
people who need to come inside
but everybody in our system has stepped
in and has literally been working around
the clock

are you satisfied with just housing 25
though of the original goal

absolutely not we need to continue
not only continue with new sites coming
online but turning those beds over

nobody gets an a during this homeless
I don't pat us on the back at all we
have not solved this problem

elected officials like janice hahn admit
that local governments waited too long
to prioritize housing the homeless

i just feel like whatever we're doing is
not working
and i we need to make some changes

she's long supported repurposing hotel
rooms for interim housing

we've gotten people off the streets and
into hotel rooms faster than i ever
possible but i'm worried that
our plan has plateaued a little bit and
we don't have that 'B' that we even
had a couple of months ago
to bring people inside
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