No.88 do you think that americans kids in america
the hundred million americans who use tick tock
should be using it right now

I don't think they should and i think
often times we leave those decisions up
to individuals and
as a conservative i i don't like seeing
government walk in
and say you know this is prohibited uh
but i think when a foreign government is
using it for
'A' purposes uh that's
the the importance of preventing that
uh in my view is is greater than
the luxury of having an app like that in
in america

why do you think the president cares
about this and is interested in this
there have been some theories that have
been floated that he
is shutting down tick tock because of
what happened with the tulsa oklahoma
rally that a bunch of tick tock kids
signed up and took spaces in that rally
there's that woman sarah cooper who's
the comedian who
mocks the president using tick-tock do
you think that's related to why he wants
to ban it

i think this president has thicker skin
than anybody i've ever seen in politics
or in any other
uh area of the world but
this this president uh is constantly
criticized and whether
someone uses tick tock or goes on cable
i don't think he has concerns about that
i think this is a very legitimate
uh 'A' concern

how do we know that the chinese
government is
taking the data from tick tock
and and collecting it

because every
chinese company has an 'B' to
report to the chinese communist party
and to the chinese intelligence agencies
what they learn
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