No.87 a 20-person group with 800 000 followers
and millions of likes
he's making a name for himself and was
even 'A' by one president trump

describe what tick-tock means for you as a
creative outlet

good question i think
it is the new app of gen z
it's the next generation app when i feel
they're being indoctrinated by the left
and by the other side
it's really helpful and it's really
helpful in kind of getting the message
um for the younger generation

what did you think when you heard
that there may be a ban in the united

on tick tock i wasn't surprised tick
tock's owned by by
dan dong and all of the chinese
companies it's a chinese company based
in beijing they all have to have a
uh danger bull which is a party group
and it's connected to the chinese
communist party
i'm so grateful that trump's trying to
a business deal rather than just banning
it immediately
um but you know if that's what has to
happen then i'm glad american citizens
are being 'B'
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