No.86 the government has taken some control
measures by catching vampire bats
and applying anti-rabial paste on them
that spreads through the colony
offering a temporary remedy but solitary
bats that live
outside the colonies are difficult to
control and may reinfect other bats
and wildlife including feral pigs
so in 2007 we used to have something
like less than 100 municipalities
with feral pigs so in 2013
it was 500 and now into
2020 it's like 1500.
we don't have enough 'A' and we
don't have enough traps
the government is asking 'A' to kill
as many feral pigs as they can to stunt
population growth
they often post their kills online
scientists like dr pedrosa are borrowing
tactics from the u.s
and has recently installed bullpens that
are triggered remotely using security
cameras to trap more feral pigs
pigs are very smart so if you don't
all the pigs at once the survivors
they're gonna be 'B' of the danger
of the trap and it's gonna be harder to
catch them
later for now hunting and bullpens are
not enough to reduce the population of
feral pigs in brazil
and as they continue to multiply and
farmers further encroach on wild areas
a dangerous equation is forming
vampire bats and feral pigs both carry
zoonotic diseases that jump between
species and human beings
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