No.85 here's a vampire bat having dinner as it
turns out
feral hog is their 'A' meal they
land on the back of these wild pigs
and using their teeth which just so
happen to be the sharpest in the entire
animal kingdom
sheer their hair pierce the skin and
lick the wound for up to 30 minutes
consuming more than half their body
weight and blood every night
thanks to an anesthetic in their 'B'
the hogs barely notice
so they can continue to feast away
this tasty meal source hasn't always
been so readily available
feral pigs were first introduced to
brazil 200 years ago when they escaped
into the wild from local farms in
and started taking over the pantanal
ecosystem but their populations only
exploded in the 90s when farmers began
importing them from europe
and marketing the meat as higher quality
the demand wasn't there and farmers
eventually gave up
releasing them into the wild where they
have multiplied to unmanageable numbers
and to this day wreak havoc destroying
crops and attacking livestock
costing millions in damages now these
invasive species are being pushed
closer to vampire bats as swaths of
forest are destroyed to make way for
industrial farmland
and to accommodate the second largest
cattle population on the globe
and more pigs means more bats means more
chance for a variety of deadly diseases
to spread and mutate dr felipe pedrosa
is an ecologist that co-authored a study
investigating the impact of feral pigs
on the brazilian ecosystem
basically bonfire bats they carry rabies
and they play an important role in
of rabies to livestock and to humans
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