No.90 you got to be out this house by
wednesday and i was wondering
uh if you get some time you'll be able
to help us move some stuff this weekend
or like whenever i figure out what we
gonna do he was trying to get us out of
24 hours but
um the judge was like uh we'll give you
all until wednesday

quentin coleman a dj and musician lives
with his girlfriend deruch assal
a software engineer in new orleans they
haven't been able to work since the
pandemic started and were late on july's
so their landlord had them evicted

in four days they expect you to find a
new apartment
go to the water place get new like
water electricity all of those stuff
and now you have to pay or pass through
bills in order to open a new account
so it's like almost like impossible for
someone that's 'A'

when was in the court uh
it was very brief we didn't get to talk
much but the landlord was basically like
yeah they've been expecting this they
know what's going on and then i i raised
my hand i was like
uh actually let can i speak uh
nobody expected a pandemic i honestly
don't know
like when i will be able to work again
the least thing i want to do is call my
family and ask to steal my mother or
something like i'm 31 years old
like who wants to do that

how do you how
does this make you feel
seeing your city go through this

i just can't believe they don't have
like a system for stuff like this when
it happens
like uh rent should be 'B' and keep in
mind we still have electric water
and stuff that we have to pay that those
bills are also piling up
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