No.65 one of thousands of Kenyans who
collaborated with the British
known as home guards they turned mao mao
supporters over to the British
to be tortured and killed

my grandfather
came to be a christian
yeah he got saved but there are some
that they could have done that even my
grandmother would not tell me
because in a way it would 'A' me

did he get all of those benefits from
being a collaborator the land
the big house

I would say yes
he must have benefited from it
he would appoint somebody and give him a
piece of lad

so he surrounds himself
with home-guard

the other day i was giving it a
i was thinking about is it really
to look for equity for all Kenyans and
especially the 'B' fighters
and when i look at it i find it it is
not very possible
equity in the essence that people did
not get large most of the 'B'
fighters did not get even a piece of land

what those 'A','B' would be
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