No.66 there needs to be set up a commission of
i in my view this is not something that
can be left
to the british government alone because
even the kenya government has got
it goes back to the founding father
the the president he jumped to the side
of the home guard
the mao mao were marginalized and
isolated and and and that has continued

so do you see that as just a
of the system that 'A' set up

without a doubt i mean the colonialists
came here
they made the africans work on their
with their cattle for very little
fee the africans took over and continued
with the same 'B' so you have
a huge divide of those who have who

you don't think it's
too late to rectify this issue that
it'll kick up all sorts of
conflict over land

injustice inflicted
on a people is permanent
and the bad feelings will
always be there until that injustice
is corrected

what those 'A','B' would be
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