No.92 how much discretion do
you have in an eviction case when it
comes to
to time you know that you give these

Justice of the peace:
none the law is very 'A' if i evict you the
tenant has 24 hours
to be out otherwise the landlord can
file what's called the rate of ejection
and have them put on the street

Is it difficult for you
to you know put that 24-hour notice on
being a situation where they've been
trying to get work but the pandemic has
put them out

Justice of the peace:
no question it is there are some very
sad cases to which maybe they're
directed to catholic charities
but i can't make the landlord if the
landlord says no landlord gets their

the law doesn't take the pandemic into

Justice of the peace:
the law has taken the pandemic
into account
and it's written new laws to to
compromise and to work with that the
governor did an emergency order for
eight weeks
where there were no evictions gone on i
mean everyone's taking into
consideration as best they can
i don't make law i enforce the law
'B' is a wonderful word but
'B' is shown by following the law
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