No.77 are you worried about being branded as
an 'A'

I've already been branded
and 'A' so i'm not sure there's
much more to worry about currently

there's like there's been some
situations where like people who say
that they're boogaloo boys like in the
bubbly movement
they've gone and shot up like federal
security officer or they brought
explosives like black lives matter

tell me when somebody did that
who 'B' to be a boogaloo boy name
one person who did that who was an
actual boogaloo boy

steve carrillo

he was a self-proclaimed boogaloo boy
yes say it was a boogaloo boy and he had
big blue boys backing him everybody
knows that if boogaloo boys want to do
something with a federal building it
wouldn't be just one of us

Isn't there some some risk in joining a
movement that is so wide-ranging because
you know someone goes and does something
really stupid and then you become
branded as like an

gonna have somebody who
infiltrates an organization and makes it
full of themselves so obviously there's
some risk there's some risk in
everything you do
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