No.24 As tensions increase with mainland China
a defiant show of strength by Taiwan its
latest military hardware on display much
of it sold by the United States

has undertaken significant investment in
military assets over the past few years
and these operations give tyrunt a real
opportunity to see and to 'A' their
systems to 'A' their chains of
command and see how their operations
would work in times of crisis in times
of peace now in terms of in terms of
conflict disaster relief for instance

the annual live-fire drills held since
the 1980s test the islands ability to
fight off an attack from its far more
powerful neighbor the exercises include
air defense and follow nearby incursions
by Chinese military aircraft in recent
months watching the wargames Taiwan's
president sanguine who's riding a wave
of 'B' for taking a more defiant
stand against Beijing

the Hong Kong
exercise is an annual major event of our
military and it shows the combat power
of our troops we want the world to see
our determination and efforts to protect
our country

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