No.52 staff:
basically i have a normal life i go home
i greet my children i cook for my
children make sure
I've been
so 'A' here that
i haven't thought about what would i do
if he was completely shut down

so there's a cost of reopening a
business that's greater than just
keeping a business open
can you at least give us a ballpark for
how much this has cost you

we're probably talking about somewhere
in the neighborhood let's say between 20
and 50
000 in order to adapt to this

did you
get a small business loan or any other
kind of help from the from the
government to handle the situation

we did
uh get a small ppp loan uh in the
early weeks of the COVID that did help
us get through
the first couple of months staying open
as best you can
and in a way just pretending you don't
have a landlord or a loan
was really the early strategies and now
going forward we really need some
to help both the citizens and the
businesses survive this

what those 'A', 'B' would be
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