No.37 I've been a midwife for 22
years and been going to births for 26
kovin 19 has changed everyone's practice
one thing that's been really clear is
that people have been kind of making up
everything as they go along and that
because it's a new virus things started
to really become much more "A" around
Earth in the hospital environment so
what happened was the hospital started
to say that people couldn't have any
support basically you know everything
hit the fan and people started to freak
out and they started to reach out to
home birth midwives

we did receive a lot of phone calls from
people who were do eminently and we had
to turn them away because we didn't have
time to get authorization from their
insurance companies to get their births
covered at some point my partner Susan
started referring to the people who were
coming late as jumpers because it's like
they were jumping ship from the hospital
and it's a term of endearment
for us I always say give me eight
minutes and I'm in "B" I can be your
midwife I don't have to know you ahead
of time I would be great in a hurricane
or a refugee camp I'm fine I can be
anybody's midwife but you know it's
always better if you have time to build
a relationship we can only take six to
eight families a month we were all
already full and booked with people that
we have been providing care for
accepting people late to care who are
not familiar with home birth and had
very different expectations about what
their labor course might look like about
the availability of anesthesia for
instance we had to interview people and
talk to them about their motivations
what was their preparedness for having a
baby with midwives and without access to
pain medication which has been a
challenge for some of our jumpers who
had babies before I really couldn't
imagine laboring without some pain medication

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