No.38 midwives have really a proven track
record of providing excellent care for
healthy people and and sometimes for
people who have health problems a lot of
the midwives who work in the hospital
system work with people who have
significant health problems so the myth
that we only take care of people who are
you know sick and have uncomplicated
pregnancies is really a myth because we
work as teams and his teammates so
instead of in the situation here where
we have to you know have collaborative
relationships with other kinds of health
care providers in in other countries
where they have better outcomes the
midwifery is integrated into the system
in this country midwives are used as
physician extenders they're not seen in
general as independent practitioners
like they are in many other places in
the world so when you look to a lot of
places that utilize midwifery services
as an integral part of the health care
system you see better outcomes this is
something that a lot of people don't
understand about home birth needs that
we do all the prenatal care we take care
of people during labor and then we do
all the postpartum care and in New York
State licensed midwives also have in our
scope of practice new
care so what we do is really very
"A" little but there's a
certain mentality about choosing to have
your baby in your own home about 1% of
the population makes this choice so it's
very rare in the you know broader
population and it's an act of confidence
that is not really accessible to

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