No.40 reporter:
Is it possible that what you'll
"A" here is that there just are
certain things that police have
traditionally done that you really just
don't need police to do

chief of police:
That's exactly
what we expect to "A" you know when
we're talking about people in need
people in crisis does it make more sense
to have a trained mental health
professional in a non enforcement role
help that person we're seeing a lot of
positive steps in that direction

Is it possible for the police to "B"

chief of police:
I think that the the type of
structural changes that need to take
place that we do that I work in with our
community we need to do better we need
better policing in the future not no
policing we are not trying to own as
many calls for services as possible
we're trying to give away some of that
work because we believe that there could
be better outcomes

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