No.41 reporter:
Is this defunding
the police is that what that means?

community activist:
right now it's not I think ultimately this is
a long-term vision of how resources
could be used alternatively for
different types of programs and "A"
based responses rather than you know
criminal justice based responses I think
long term this could be a vision of
defunding the police it saves money by
virtue of not having nearly the level of
response equipment and in personnel that
are responding to a situation and
because you know in the worst cases
we're not violating somebody's civil
rights by killing them we've just spent
so much time trying to get "B"
to "C" officers which hasn't
happened we spent so much time trying to
create changes in the use of force
policy and trying to address the power
and the influence of the police unions
that's been a long battle that's not
even close to even really starting for
the most part I also don't want people
to think that this is like something
that we can put in front of them and say
don't worry about anything else or like
don't continue protesting like there's
still so much change that needs to
happen including and how the police
approached the protest to begin with

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