No.42 reporter:
you've been working on this
for a long time and now it's coming
here in the aftermath of the protests
over George Floyd I mean what's what's
that been like

social worker:
it's it's amazing it's
amazing you know as someone who
obviously upholds social justice and and
very much supports the movement going on
to really be able to go out into my
community and make a difference and
respond to community needs um you know I
think as social workers we're really
just vehicles for our community right
it's not about "A" it's about
hearing what our community wants and
making that happen and dream come true

but it's also in a way you're offering
some solutions some tangible solution to
something that sort of feeling that
people are clearly expressing on the
streets that the police and what they
represented the
they play has not been working for
people and one answer of course is "B"
all cops abolish the police
another answer is reform the police
but another answer is is kind of
this middle ground that you guys are
doing which is figure out a way to work
with the police to figure out what rules
really belong in their hands and what

social worker:
exactly and the Denver Police
believe in that you know like I said
we've had our Co responder program since
2016 and and the Denver Police have
recognized hey you know we need experts
in behavioral health with us to deal
with this so I think that partnership
and that buy-in from them has also just
catalyzed this pilot and our programs in

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