No.43 reporter:
have you seen "A" in charges?

yes we've had
mixed couples meaning the one is white
and one it might be black or biracial
come to us and tell us hey I was just
charged with breaking the curfew but he
got a rise in charge or he got a looting
charge and we were right there together

you've bailed out a lot of protesters at
this point has the price that you've had
to pay for bail funds changed

yes so our average bill was around 2,500
it's now up to 3,500
but we've paid some $10,000 bills so we
see a lot of "B" and we know
what happens I keep telling people I saw
a meme that said John Lewis was arrested
45 times John Lewis went on become to
become a congressman that won't happen
for our young people if they keep
getting arrested and overcharged the way
that they're getting charged now
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