No.44 reporter:
what is section 230?

so section 230 is the part of the
Communications Decency Act that
addresses immunity you know if you
listen to the tech companies they'll
tell you that it's immunity for anything
and everything under the Sun that they
could possibly be charged with or you
know any allegation against them
Congress recently in 2018 said wait a
minute this was never intended to be
used as some broad extension of blanket
immunity specifically and most
importantly in regards to sex
trafficking I knew very early on that
Facebook was in my crosshairs because
their role in connecting these sex
traffickers with these children is
I really got tired of having the same
story from any different victim I
interview I met him on Facebook the car
I met him on Instagram they are told
that they're pretty that you could be a
model we usually see recruitment start
as young as 12 years old that sex
trafficker does not get into jane doe's
living room without the "A"

who do you think you'll actually get on trial
Mark Zuckerberg gonna come down to
Houston and have to answer your

I believe so yes

what do you think they say about
you behind your back?

I think that initially they thought
it was a joke we're gonna get rid of
this "B" but then all of a sudden
it's a wait a minute the "B" isn't
going away oh wait a minute the "B"
can argue in court if he doesn't know my
name now he'll certainly know it before
next year as for damn sure

what this blank "A","B" would be
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