No.45 reporter:
Are there things
that Facebook YouTube Twitter could do
right now that would make them more safe

absolutely Facebook knows a week before
you talk to your doctor that you're
pregnant Google knows two weeks before
you talk to a "A" that you're in the
market for a house you would imagine the
they would be able to apply the same
kinds of technologies and tools to
rooting out this kind of toxic content
on their platforms and they don't the
reason why they don't is they don't have
a financial incentive to do that
nearly every industrialized technology
that has been created and transformed
lives in the United States had some kind
of toxic by-product that they were doing
to society at first until society held
them accountable for the toxicity that
they were introducing

Do you think that
Facebook YouTube Twitter should be

I think they I think they
demonstrably are responsible how many
children are "B" is it under
fifty kids a year to fifteen thousand
kids a year how do we determine how many
kids is an "B" fodder to continue
the status quo of exploitation the
suggestion that free speech and the free
and open Internet is only possible in an
era where no one is responsible I don't
think is one that I can really credit

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