No.46 Jared:
Hubstaff hopes that's
essentially a time tracking app the key
is what we do is combine that with what
we call proof of work metrics these are
some additional data points that give
employers some extra peace of mind while
their team members are working remotely
right now

could you talk through some
more detail about those proof of work

yeah so there's several data
points that an employer and employee can
look at and that includes screenshots
activity levels such as whether they're
just active on their computer or not we
really recommend that team members talk
with their employers can find what the
level of settings are that both sides
are "A" with

it's a lot of
companies where employees don't feel
like they can speak up about what they
comfortable with because the old
tentative is if they don't work there

and that's why we really want to
lead with transparency be transparent
with the employee about how the software
works and the fact that they are in
control of it so they are able to start
and stop it whenever they want and then
making sure they have access to all that
same information that the employer does
ultimately what we see is the people
that are the top performers within the
company this is very "B" to them
they don't really worry about what it is
recording because you know they were

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