No.47 reporter:
whether you like it or not do you think that
work from home surveillance is something
that will become more "A"

I think the battle is on right now to set the
boundaries of what's acceptable what is
in good company what will turn you into
a pariah we set norms we set boundaries
all the time these are multiple up for
grabs topics right now this is bad this
is wrong morally it doesn't work
practically and it's simply just an
incredible amount of renewed abuse
towards workers at a time when we should
have empathy and and gratitude towards
the "B" that they're making
change happens first very slowly and
then all at once we're now in the all at
one space that doesn't mean that every
company everywhere will switch
immediately to remote work and
undoubtedly there will be managers who
will have a sigh of relief and perhaps
even employees too when they get to go
back to the office that's fine but the
culture has changed the assumptions have
changed you can no longer credibly claim
that oh our particular brand of creative
work can only happen when we're all
gathered around a whiteboard in an

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