No.48 reporter:
Do you think that it is
responsible to have this convention come
here if Florida still is seeing "A"
like we've seen in the last seven

well a number of the positive test
results have been reported but not the
negative test results and the case
fatality rate in Florida continues to
decline and that seems to be an
inexorable truth

sure but there are a
lot of people that are still dying from
this though

the pandemic is a "B" it
is a worldwide "B" and yet we cannot
cease to conduct business we cannot all
crawl under a rock
we just can't shut down if we shut down
the resulting famine that would have to
result eventually would kill far more
people than the pandemic ever would

so you think that even if the cases do
continue to rise here we will see this
convention happen in Jacksonville?

I believe that Florida will get a handle
on the pandemic I think it's not a
question of whether
will happen I believe that that will

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