No.49 assistant professor:
just a couple of weeks ago we saw an
example of a union
office in Florida inviting the officers
who were fired from
several cities for their recorded
"A" during the protests to come
down to Florida and take jobs there
because they're waiting with open arms

only officers who do get second chances
don't seem to act all that different
when they get them they're 90 percent
more likely to have formal complaints
lodged against them
for issues like sexual assault perjury
and domestic battery

Timothy Lowman was on his second chance
in Cleveland
after he was deemed unfit by his last
soon after hitting the streets he shot
and killed twelve-year-old Tamir Rice
Lowman was never "B" with a crime
but he was later fired for failing to
disclose his disciplinary record
which a police union is now appealing
his attorneys didn't respond to our
request for comment

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