No.50 reporter:
I understand you
were able to talk to a couple people who
claim to have been part of the hack how
do they pull it off and why?

staff writer:
few people reached out
screenshots we showed this internal
Twitter pad so this is what Twitter
workers or employees would use to manage
attacks you can add a different email
address to it you could look at other
settings on the particular user it is
that these hackers somehow "A" access
to that panel and then let loose birds
to take over this way you have accounts
that we saw was Eron Mask

Is there any "B" as to what the motive was
I mean obviously there is the Bitcoin
and the money but is this just like kind
of a weird flex between the hacker
community and InfoSec folks or is this
the kind of thing that might net out
until I get October Surprise

staff writer:
so just before the Bitcoin this just went out we
were told people use this axis also to
circle with og handles which is stuff
like their Twitter handle which only has
one or two characters and because of
course they're so bad they could be
quite actually valuable or you
can get one knee to show it off to
percents and instead more screenshots to
show that that's happening as well but
generally speaking they're just beyond
the financial aspect there's a lot of
flexing here there's a lot of reputation
and these sorts of acts been going on
for a while just not on this quarters
broad public scale

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