No.54 reporter:
Kim Haddow works with cities to resist
these moves

it has absolutely been
weaponized i think people don't
understand the scope
of state 'A' that's occurred in
the last 10 years 'A' has been on
the rise for the last decade
ever since the 2010 midterm election
uh frankly republicans had a plan called
red map
in which they deliberately targeted
overtaking legislatures
around the country so they could affect
congressional redistricting
and basically it it gave them the power
to move an agenda a deregulatory agenda
that really kept local governments from
making decisions
that would benefit the lives of their

almost every state has some form
of 'A' on the books
but according to research by the
national league of cities it's
predominantly been used to block
progressive causes
among the things that have been
preempted in recent years city-wide
plastic bag bans
paid sick leave even increases to the
minimum wage
another big one is firearms almost every
state has 'A' rules that
specifically target gun laws
meaning a city trying to say ban assault
rifles within city limits
like pittsburgh tried to do after the
tree of life massacre we'll quickly find
those restrictions 'B'

what those 'A','B' would be
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