No.55 Sen:
it was written with you know with a new
president I dealing with a 'A'
caused by Frankly bank read
we wrote into this legislation some
ceo-worker pay ratio language Frankly
didn't work very well

the legislation made the pay gap public
but not just to expose income inequality
it was also to provide information to
shareholders and according to Robert
Reich a former cabinet member who's
written a few books on capitalism
failures it's not like shareholders have
much of a motivation to dish out some
proletariat justice

those big
institutional investors don't want to
rock the boat I mean they want the
business they want big exec you know
they want executives to be happy with
them they want corporations to be happy
with them so they're not going to say no
to a 'B' in executive pay and thirdly
even if all of those obstacles are
overcome and you actually do get a
majority of shareholders saying no to a
proposed executive pay increase they
still don't have the power to block it
under the rules in the United States
they can they're still advisory they're
only providing advice to the Board of

what those 'A','B' would be
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