No.56 Matt:
there are 'A' that
have during this pandemic only become
more 'A' they have added
hundreds of billions of dollars to their
network at the same time as cities like
San Francisco are facing impossible
choices on whether to cut a homeless
shelter or cut
a hundred nurses for cut a Mental Health
the people who you're in the grocery
store with who are working there or who
are next to you in the aisle or who are
picking you up in the Hoover if they
can't protect themselves with their
families then you're not protected
either and so I hope that people
understand that one of the reasons why
we have that kind of system and
structure where so many people are so
vulnerable is because of economic
inequality and the way we structured our

but of course
Haney's proposal is just a possible
local fix for a national dilemma if
you're someone like let's say the CEO of
Abercrombie & Fitch over in Ohio making
four thousand two hundred and ninety
three times for employees median pay all
the dodd-frank provision means is maybe
you piss off an 'B' forget a public
shaming on a cable news show

what those 'A','B' would be
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