No.57 real desert locusts prefer crops leaves
fruits and even flowers
and they can eat their 2 gram body
weight each day
they live for up to 5 months growing
about as big
as a paper clip desert locusts mostly
lead 'A' lives
in what biologists call the 'A'
but under the right conditions like a
lot of rainfall
they can grow in number and band
together marking their transition
to the 'B' phase that's when they
become a threat to agriculture
their color and body changes and they
also get faster
they join swarms with some 150 million
and travel up to 100 miles a day
during the day they ride the wind and
eat what they find
at night they rest on trees swarms lay
while they're on the move which only
worsens the infestation
because they move so quickly getting rid
of desert locusts
is no small feat some of the proposals
on how to deal with them
have been a little out of the box like
yelling at the pests
to ward them off or just eating them
they happen to be a good source of
but that's now being discouraged in
areas with pesticides
so far tracking and spraying swarms with
has been the most common strategy
recommended by the food
agriculture organization the global lead
in the battle against

what those 'A','B' would be
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