No.58 reporter:
the heritage and the history that you
are talking about some of these
monuments the confederate flag
is it worth it to keep it up in your
mind if it
offends and and deeply hurts and reminds
people of 'A' in this country is
that worth it

sons of confederate veterans:
I think it is because
we have to draw a line somewhere uh and
I'm not speaking from my organization's
point of view
i'm referring to as an american as a
citizen in this country
we have to draw a line somewhere because
we can find
hundreds and thousands of things that
have been people
what we need to do as a society is sit
down have a conversation
and it's just like I accept uh
african-americans and their right to
'B' their heritage
I accept mexican latino americans
their right to 'B' their heritage we
all should be proud of all
of our heritage regardless of what
background what region of the country

what those 'A','B' would be
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