No.59 people were doing it all the time
without planning it
nancy hanks lincoln better known as
abraham lincoln's mother
died in 1818 of milk sickness a disease
caused not by trying to jug a gallon of
milk as quickly as possible
but rather by drinking milk from cows
that ate white snake root
in 1850s new york city thousands of
children were poisoned and died after
drinking swill milk
milk made by sickened cows that was
tainted enough color a problem
unscrupulous producers attempted to
conceal by mixing in chalk
flour and plaster eventually things like
refrigeration health standards and
hygienic processes such as
made it so milk was safer to transport
from rural areas to cities
milk's reputation also got a boost from
the cool kids of the anti-'B'
temperance movements of the late 19th
and early 20th centuries
prohibitionists pushed dairy-based
products as an alternative to spirits
pounding milk with the boys wouldn't get
you tipsy yet still offered a decent
shot at a devastating stomachache

what girl's gonna go for me with a body
like this
hang in there tom i'm you two years from
now cause you're drinking milk
and working out

but no one was more
enthusiastic about pushing milk's
healthy wholesome image
than milk producers themselves

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