No.60 what made you decide
that you wanted to go over to the
justice center and put yourself out

I realized okay so we have federal
officers here apprehending people
shooting people in the head
tear gassing them like things that you
read about
happening in war-torn countries are
happening here journalists being
'A' of their rights
my primal mom rage came on and i went on
a Portland working moms group
and uh i asked them if they would come
out with me even though i didn't know
what that would mean
or what that would look like and within
an hour
70 moms said yes I've been waiting
for someone to organize something

by now millions of people including
Donald trump
have seen these women get tear gassed
repeatedly the president tweeted that
the wall of innocent mothers
is a 'B' but in Portland it's bringing
out more white women
who are seeing themselves reflected in
that wall
what those 'A','B' would be
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