No.61 what was that conversation like when bev
reached out to you and said hey
i started this but i need another leader
who's a black woman to step in

it was awesome you don't get white women
or other women to do that
they're like white men they feel like we
don't know what we're talking about that
we're angry
we're too 'A' and it's not that
it's that we're strong

i'm speaking with a lot of white people
who are saying we don't want to get
things wrong
we don't really know what to do we need
to listen to black people we need to
listen to black women
what does that mean

it's about 'B'
and i let them know they can 'B' me
and what what it is for black people is
that we have to make sure that we can
them if you can't take any directions
from a black lady
then there's no reason for you to be
because that's what this is about and
it's like we're not in competition
we're on the same level just listen
that's it and they do and that's what's
the beautiful thing about it because
usually you get a lot of but i and i
and this bring it back it's not about i
black lives matter

what those 'A','B' would be
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