No.62 every day when you leave your
house in egypt
you are looking at yourself and you are
thinking how can i look less woman today
and you know that something will happen
but you're hoping
that it'll just be a few words you're
hoping somebody's not gonna walk
after you today into the supermarket and
continue to walk after you until you get
into your car
you're hoping that nobody touches you

when women or girls complain about
sexual harassment or assault are these
things just generally 'A'
the girl could possibly plead a case
but every step before that is an
absolute nightmare
girls are constantly threatened to let
go of the case
and then there's the whole well what
were you wearing
who were you with now despite how major
an issue it is
it wasn't until 2014 that egypt actually
criminalized sexual harassment
the penalty is up to five years in
prison but the law itself doesn't
guarantee it's enforcement

there are fines placed for harassment
and one time a man did harass me in the
street and i did take him
to the police station and that's what i
was told by the police officer is just
let this go
he doesn't even have the money to pay
this the problem wasn't the rules the
problem is the 'B' of the

what those 'A','B' would be
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